The Matrix

Types of Digital Marketing

Everything these days is now happening on a digital platform. That is why there is the need to continuously educate people about digital marketing and why it is important. As we all know that the world is rapidly moving towards a paperless general, where everything that we need will be available in electronic format. And […]

The Red Pill

How to Open a Can Without an Opener

Do you remember the scene in The Road where the boy and his father discover an untouched, perfectly stocked survival bunker? The hungry nomads happily gape as they take in crate after crate of canned goods, an unbelievable oasis in an otherwise desolate, apocalyptic landscape. The pair liberate the contents of the cans with an […]

The Alpha Game

Employer asked me to leave early day after giving 2 week notice- Why do they do this if I'm "great and can come back"

Just ranting I already googled around and found out it’s very common companies do this and even perp walk the employee out ….I’m going to coding Bootcamp here in Houston 11/5-3/10 to get hired as software developer. I’ve been working at a warehouse since June(entry level $11.27/hour position). I told supervisor and hr chick on […]

The Red Pill

The Truth About Standards

Most men never vet women for anything like long term acceptability. A lot of guys would have you believe they have high standards for the women they self-righteously allow into their lives, but for the most part this is internet posturing from Trad-Cons and ‘spergs‘ who’d like their circle of virtual friends to believe they […]

The Alpha Game

Your opinion on a coworker

Hi guys, Good to be on board, thanks for having me. I’ve been following some online coaching YouTube channels for some time and have learned quite a lot, but still struggling a bit with women, the question below is for a specific one. This girl is a new coworker of mine, and we see each […]