The Red Pill

Dear Feminists: This Is Why You Are In Trouble

The ongoing kerfluffle over the site #WomenAgainstFeminism, displaying selfies of a number of attractive young women who are all holding placards declaring why they don’t need feminism, has gone beyond the usual shame-and destroy tactics that the feminist establishment usually employ.  Instead what has happened as these women quietly but publicly disagreed with the status […]


Does White Privilege Exist?

“White privilege? Didn’t you already discuss this and debunk it?” you say. Indeed, I did! But seeing as its almost constantly in the news these days, I think it deserves another look. As alluded to above, and as anybody with two functioning eyes can see, the media and culture of the west today are not […]

The Alpha Game

How To Conquer Writer’s Block

If you’ve stared at a blank document and the words weren’t flowing, you’re not alone. Mark Twain sometimes had that experience in front of a typewriter, and Geoffrey Chaucer with an empty parchment and a quill pen. So then, what do you do if you’re blocked while up against a deadline, trying to get that business […]

The Matrix

Conflict Is Part of The Quieter Life

The Quieter Life is not a life free from conflict. Instead, it is a life of deep congruity, of deep integrity. Any attempt to live such a life will entail its fair share of conflict, between individuals, between individuals and institutions, and even conflict between the individual and the wider society. How can a life […]



We’ve heard the critiques of everybody from Bill Cosby to President Barack Obama. When a police officer was killed in Jersey City, in July 2014, a local television news reporter identified the underlying cause of […] The post THE RETURN OF THE BLACK FATHER appeared first on Negromanosphere. Source link

The Red Pill

Wife Test: Loyalty

Today marks a special day for the Ironwoods.  Twenty-three years ago today, the future Mrs. Ironwood and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  It wasn’t a carefully-designed attempt to get two like-minded people together.  We were both on the rebound from less-than-stellar long term relationships, and our mutual friend was a […]


The Empathy Key

I was challenged on something a while back, which was the red pill and empathy. I always find empathy to be a questionable topic to engage in because most people have an internal picture of what constitutes empathy, which if we drew up a Venn diagram would overlap greatly with sympathy and compassion but also […]