The Alpha Game

Lighthearted, Fun Texts

A while back I made some threads about the best text method. Text for logistics or text a girl up until a date? The results were that it varies from person to person. So you have to go experiment. I went with the beginner method of texting for logistics. I was able to get a […]

The Alpha Game

Do you think Hollywood is amping up sex scenes because hypergamy has made women generally slutty?

I was reading this, and it got me interested: The Sex Scene Evolves for the #MeToo Era Studios and theaters are hiring intimacy coordinators to help actors. The twist: They’re also making the scenes sexier. Until recently, intimacy coordination was virtually nonexistent. But in the space of about two years, alongside the evolution of […]

The Matrix

Common Myths about Cars

Everyone who has a car has one thing they believe about cars just like when it comes to real money online casino games there are so many beliefs. Whether they have heard it from others or they have read it from book, but they have something they believe in that they haven’t realized if it […]