The Alpha Game


This is the closest I’ve seen to seeing this movie a reality. Any of you have movies like contagion or better topic along the lines we’re living now with Covid19. In some scientific areas world war z is also close to what is happening at least before there is a full break out. As far […]

The Red Pill

How to Make Cheesy Bacon Rolls

While the baking of bread seems like an interesting and tasty hobby to lots of folks, they often don’t get around to dabbling in it because of constraints on their time. If you’re in and out of the house a lot, it can seem hard to fit phases of dough making, rising, and baking into […]

The Alpha Game

What would you do in this situation…?

Imagine the powers that be relentlessly and mercilessly undermine and sabotage all your honest efforts to render Service in exchange for Equivalent Pay to support your desired Lifestyle, so that you’re financially pinned against the wall, like being locked in a jail cell. Imagine these same powers steal and hide your beautiful children from you […]


Chris Mackney’s Nightmare Resurrected

Back in July of 2014, AVFM published the tragic account of the life and death of Chris Mackney, a man who committed suicide after what he alleged was continuous psychological and legal abuse by his wife, Dina.  We published Chris’s suicide note in its entirety, which describes his nightmare in horrible detail. Shortly thereafter we […]