The Economy

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/27/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: World trade, states that depend on China for jobs, Biden, Buttigeig bundlers, Gravel, Sanders in Montgomery, AL, ballot access, rare earths, machine learning, flood buyouts, the apple, GateHouse layoffs, female slave owners, living in your car in Silicon Valley, Venn diagrams, UFOs Source link

The Red Pill

The Existential Fear – Men

You need to understand WOMEN HATE BETAS in fact they hate them so much that they would prefer to work soul destroying jobs to support themselves than attach themselves to a Beta provider that wants to fuck them and impregnate them with his shitty beta genetics. Incubus Rising This was a comment that I meant […]

The Red Pill

Sexual Selection & Existential Fear

Way back in the early years of this blog I wrote a post flipping a common feminist trope on its head. In Women’s Physical Standards I laid out the case that it is women, not men, who hold the most stringent and static standards for ideal male beauty. …from a purely physical perspective, it is […]

The Red Pill

Raiders of the Lost Covenant

I hate to begin an essay with an apology, but I feel like one is in order this time. For the past year and a half I’ve been invested in writing my fourth book, The Rational Male – Religion. This required a degree of perseverance, dedication in research, feedback, interviews and general behind the scenes […]

The Red Pill

The 21 Conventions – 2019

Once again it’s time to announce the dates and locations of this year’s 21 Conventions. By now I’m sure most of my readers know I’ve been getting myself ‘out there‘ a lot more and this year is no exception. The one event I’m doing with any regularity is the 21 Conventions (yes, there are others […]

The Red Pill

False Positives

A consistent criticism I’ve received over the years is that the Red Pill is so negative. Why cant the Manosphere just sweeten up? Its truth is definable and self-evident, but why can’t Rollo adjust the ‘tone’? I’ve lived and written through several waves of newcomers to the ‘sphere and in each generation the same want […]

The Alpha Game

Choose Wisely

Potential vs. Struggle “Women don’t care about the struggle. They wait at the finish line and fuck the winners.” Rich Cooper This is a popular belief in the Manosphere today. Hypergamous stress is so intense that women have turned into mercenaries with respect to vetting the men they’ll accept to plan a future with. I’ll […]