The Red Pill

The Best First Knife for a Kid

Editor’s Note: This excerpt is from The Young Adventurer’s Guide to (Almost) Everything — a book addressed to kids. The Most Important Tool You’ll Own It wasn’t so long ago that most kids were given a knife at some point before their tenth birthday, taught how to use and care for it, and, perhaps most […]

The Matrix


So on Wednesday, they laid down another layer of well worn, shoddy and rotting astroturf, to set the grounds for our eventual disarmament. From March 17, 2018 Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s front page (you can’t view back issues online without a paid subscription, so I quote from hard copy fishwrap): “Thousands of students at campuses across Hawaii […]

The Red Pill

Wife Test: Warm & Pleasant Disposition

Riffing on a great post over at Just Four Guys, today’s lesson, Gentleman, is about your potential bride’s Warmth and her Disposition.  Those are two elements of the female character which are strongly indicative of her suitability to the job, and all too often they are overlooked by the lovestruck or overshadowed by a busty […]

The Alpha Game

ha ha ha! I called police!

So there is this construction site next to my condo, and these nice gentlemen decided to run diesel engines, pour concrete and make a lot of noise at night. I called at 1:30 am to city administration hot line and they told me to call police so I did. Less than 30 minutes later I […]


McNamara’s Folly by Hamilton Gregory

And now for a change of pace—a book about the Vietnam War! Hamilton Gregory is a writer from North Carolina and veteran of the Vietnam War (he was in military intelligence to be specific). But this book isn’t about his experiences as a spy specifically; rather, it is a book about his processing through Robert […]

The Red Pill

The Feminist True Love Hamster

As I’ve often noted, Feminism and True Love are both mating strategies.  The former relies on social control to reduce competition for the highest valued women by discouraging active mate selection among the rank-and-file.  By reducing the social impetus to permanently mate, otherwise-dangerous competitors devote their most fertile (and attractive) reproductive years to a career, […]