The Red Pill

Unconscious Contempt

Today’s essay was inspired by the lead image you see here and the subsequent exchange I had on Twitter about it. What you see here is a rather nebbish looking husband, I presume post-surgery, recovering from his vasectomy in bed. He is surrounded by cutesy post-it note jokes his wife left him (kind of like […]

The Red Pill

How to Make Pemmican

It’s easy to take today’s trail snacks and dehydrated foods for granted. But Native Americans and early explorers like Lewis and Clark didn’t have the luxury of picking up a bag of dehydrated lasagna before they left camp. Instead, they relied on things like dried berries, nuts, smoked meats, and other prepared foods like pemmican […]

The Matrix

Generation Z

Those who study generational demographics for marketing and propaganda purposes have labeled the upcoming generation of youth as Generation Z, the Fascist-Racist-Sexist-Homophobic Alt-right has taken to referring to them as Generation Zyklon to represent a growing number of youth who are embracing Auntysemitism and rejecting the SJW programming, political correctness, affirmative action, the worship of […]

The Red Pill

A Man’s Guide to Etiquette

There are few words that generate less excitement in a male audience than “etiquette.” On the scale of things men like to talk about, it usually ranks somewhere between contemporary dance and nail polish. But it matters. It matters a lot, actually. Etiquette is as much a part of your appearance as the cut of […]

The Alpha Game

WWE Crown Jewel

WWE has been putting on wrestling shows in Saudi Arabia for the past few years (reportedly for a ridiculously large amount of money). Last night, they had two women wrestling on their show for the first time (Natalya and Lacey Evans). This is notable since Saudi Arabia (like many Middle Eastern countries) are known for […]