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We’re really gonna do it!

April 18th, 2020 my cohorts from the Rule Zero podcast collective and myself will be delivering a one-day TED Talk style mini-convention. In addition, I will be offering a few exclusive one-on-one opportunities on the 17th and the19th that will only be open to my Patreon subscribers.

The main event will include 1-hour talks from myself, Rollo Tomassi, Rich Cooper, Rian Stone, Jon from Modern Life Dating and Troy Francis – all the hosts of Rule Zero. 

After the event we will have a live poolside Q&A event that afternoon/evening where you can get some personal time with me or any of the other hosts. There will also be some unscheduled evening outings around Las Vegas thereafter.

Save the dates now, this event is a trial run for us to see about planning a larger one some time. I’ve never done anything like this so I’m glad to be a part of a team of mature Red Pill men who are really dedicated to making it happen, with a commitment to making it a high value event.

I only have 20 tickets to sell on my own. Patreon members, will get first crack at the registration before anyone else. The event will be limited to 100 attendees in total. 

Once these spots are gone, they are gone! 

This is our first time doing this, so the event is starting small, personal and exceptionally high-value. The side-gatherings I do, (and other speakers do) in addition to the one-day talk and Q&A will also be available to my Patreon subscribers first. I will have a few add-ons as we get closer to April 18th so join my subscribers here and you’re get all the updates.

Tickets are on sale NOW for the insanely low price of just $500. This event will likely sell out at this price point, but starting March 1st (if there are any spots left) the price will level off at $750.

It’s a gathering of men intent on discussing the relevant ideas of our time. As most of you know, I have an obligation to the truth, but I also want to stay as accessible and engaged as I can with my readers and listeners. It may be kind of short notice for some of you, but I hope you can join this gathering this spring.

While we cannot disclose the location of the event until we get closer to April 18, it will be very close to the Las Vegas strip. If you’re looking to book a hotel on or around the strip will serve you just fine. As you’d expect, there are some world-class hotels and casinos resorts in Vegas, so I’d encourage you make a weekend of it.

Not only will this be an informative event, but we’ll have a lot of fun too.

Subscribe to this Patreon today and you can use the link there to get confirmed for this exclusive first-time event. See ya in Vegas!


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