How To Start Building Muscle

You walk into a 7-11 to purchase a soda. On the way to get your beverage you walk past the magazine section and see something that catches your eye. No, it’s not the hot girl […] The post How To Start Building Muscle appeared first on Negromanosphere. Source link

The Matrix

Opioid epidemic: who’s quilty?

Looking back at the situation where President Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring a major lawsuit against drug companies that produced and distributed opioids in the US, we cannot help but wonder how to help victims. Many people who have managed to survive came out with opioid addiction after this affair. They need […]

The Alpha Game

Women are truly insecure

As I’ve said I’m a very observant guy I notice everything, I look at women that have their boyfriends and its clearly they have chosen the guy because they know damn well he won’t run off to some other woman. Been observing couples lately, thinking to myself women are truly insecure, insecurity is a turn […]