The Alpha Game


1. Vulgarity Being vulgar, crass is a habit of peasants. This isn’t noble. It’s not how a man carry’s himself. Refrain from excessive vulgarity. It makes you come off as a commoner. Speak positively. Speak life. Kind words of compassion. If you have no kind words, use no words. 2. Self Deprecation Words are spells. […]


40 Christian Articles I Highly Recommend

1. “The expression of sexual desires without the blessing of the Grace of God is not directed to a life that is natural, but is an extension of a death-directed existence.” [Link] 2. “If there is prayer, the soul lives; without prayer, there is no spiritual life” [Link] 3. “Remember that every obstacle is a […]

The Alpha Game


Good day folks im looking for some advice and if anyone has experienced the same. What im starting to notice is the more successful I am being in life the more people are being off with me, an example an older friend who I have been friends with for years, we used to talk on […]