I Have Unpublished Game And The Rest Of My Pickup Books

In May of last year I unpublished 11 of my books because they were leading men directly to sin. That action was not enough. Today I have unpublished several more books, including my top seller Game, along with numerous articles, videos, podcasts, and forum postings.

The prospect of banning Game last May was too difficult, even though my conscience was bothered by the contents. I wrestled with the issue for a week as I closed out my final days as an expat in Eastern Europe. It made sense to ban all my Bang books, which explicitly instructed men how to have casual sex, and it wasn’t that hard on my wallet since they were older books that had passed their sales peak, but if I were to ban Game as well, my income would be wiped out. I prayed on the issue, asking God to help me make the right decision. Then I received two comments in one day from men stating that Game had helped them with married life. I also did a poll showing not all men were using Game to become accomplished fornicators. My conscience felt more clear; Game could remain.

During my lecture tour, dozens of men asked me to sign their copies of Game. They said it helped them with women, though not necessarily within the confines of marriage. I reasoned with myself that Game was an agnostic tool which men could use for good or evil, and that it wasn’t inherently evil. Towards the end of my tour, a Christian man said he read Game with “heavy discernment,” a hint that it wasn’t as agnostic as I wanted to believe, but outside of the ticket sales from the tour, which was soon to end, Game was my main source of income. If I were to unpublish it, what would I do for money during the several years it would take to release new books?

One month after the tour finished, I bought a used truck and was getting ready to rent a house in the mountains. I wasn’t too worried about money, since Game was still selling well without any active promotion on my part. Then I received a message from a fellow Orthodox Christian that I had met in California saying he had just read Game, and noticed that it contained the same type of sexual content I had aggressively banned on the forum last year. I walked to my bookshelf, pulled out a copy of Game, and randomly flipped through it, expecting an “agnostic” tool, but I could not find a page where sin was not. The book wasn’t agnostic at all—it trained and steered men for the main purpose of achieving bodily pleasure through casual sex. In some ways, it even wired men’s brains to view women as objects to be won purely through knowledge, effort, and physical attractiveness. Even my book Day Bang, which has no sexual content, trained men to see women as objects to be won for pleasurable ends through the mathematics of approaching a lot of women in the hopes of finding one who was horny and loose. When faced with a hard life decision, I would pray for guidance, but this decision was easy: the books had to go.

Effectively immediately, I will no longer sell the following:

  • Game
  • Day Bang
  • The Best Of Roosh: Volume 1
  • Poosy Paradise
  • 30 Bangs

I have also deleted countless articles (both here and on Return Of Kings), YouTube videos, and podcasts that aimed to teach a man how to participate in a behavior that could sacrifice his salvation. I also deleted work that was just plain vulgar. Lastly, I removed the Game and Travel subforums from Roosh V Forum. By taking these actions, I want to impede or halt the spiritual damage that my work was doing.

Didn’t you spend hundreds of hours writing Game, releasing it less than two years ago? Yes. Didn’t you spend thousands of hours writing all the books and articles you no longer profit from, and are now ashamed of? Yes. Won’t this cause your income to drop so low that you will have to depend on savings for an indeterminable amount of time? Yes. Yet I lament more the colossal amount of time I wasted on these works than monies lost.

Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? —Mathew 8:34-37

It’s worth noting how patient God was by not compelling me to complete a change I couldn’t handle. The first round of book unpublishing felt exceedingly stressful, and I wrestled with the issue for many days. God saw my distress and allowed my conscience to remain clear upon banning only some of the books, which still fell short of His expectations. He let me complete the tour with no worries about where my future income would come from. Once the tour was completed, and I rested for a month, he deemed me ready for the next step. He enlightened a fellow Christian to help re-activate my conscience, and then allowed me to complete the job of removing the rest of my books when I was spiritually stronger and more able to handle the prospect of not earning a sufficient income. This time around, I was only mildly afflicted for one night before becoming overjoyed at the prospect of making an honest living. I’m happy to announce my retirement as a peddler of sex.

I will have to make some adjustments on how I live. For many years my income exceeded my expenses and I got used to spending money on things I didn’t need. I accumulated material possessions—even while traveling—and stopped valuing the dollar. I will have to become a better custodian of the things I own. I will have to learn how not to be a consumer, and to only consume that which is spiritually profitable. I’m lucky I don’t have to start completely from scratch—I do have active internet platforms that are well-developed, and a small library of my works remain, but this is a challenge I did not imagine I’d have to face at forty years of age. Nonetheless, it’s the challenge I have to face, and I pray that God guides me through it.

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