The Alpha Game

Need some advice….

Hello. First time posting here, want to see if I could get some advice. Last month I (19) hit it off with some girl (21) from class. We met up twice and were texting on and off. Eventually, I asked her out for a third date the weekend before Xmas and she responded enthusiastically and […]

The Alpha Game

Why do women need to feel

Why do women want to be your friend and they get upset if you are not reciprocating the same? Its a problem that I encounter with many women, I’m a likeable guy I’m friendly, easy approachable. I’m a lone wolf guy I do keep to myself, not sure if you would say I’m an Alpha […]

The Matrix

Royal coverup: Prince Andrew giving ‘zero’ cooperation in Epstein inquiry

Prince Andrew has provided “zero” cooperation with the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking inquiry, US prosecutors said on Monday, despite earlier promises to help investigations in any way possible. Speaking outside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, Geoffrey Berman, US attorney for the southern district of New York, said the agencies had contacted Andrew regarding an interview, but that […]