5 global events that marked 2019

Here are 5 global events that marked 2019 and changed the world as we see it. 1) The Venezuela crisis On January 10th, Venezuela entered a constitutional crisis as Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly […] The post 5 global events that marked 2019 appeared first on Negromanosphere. Source link


Balancing acts

As I sit here preparing to cook this year’s News Years dinner, I found myself contemplating the year that is soon to be behind us. It’s been a very eventful year, starting with great strife within this space, and culminating in myself almost passing during the fall. During all this, I found myself teetering for […]

The Matrix

According to New York University scientists, a combination of AI and radiologists is more accurate at detecting breast cancer

According to a new study conducted by scientists at New York University, an artificial intelligence tool that has been specifically trained on a variety of screening mammography images has been able to demonstrate 90% accuracy when detecting breast cancer. Together with the analysis from radiologists, it will help to present the most accurate results which […]

The Alpha Game

Chinese Crack Down on Pickup Artists

Is this 5hit for real? Chinese authorities crack down on pick-up artists A crackdown on pick-up artists is under way in China. Last month, police in the eastern province of Jiangsu said it had made the country’s first-ever arrest of a self-proclaimed pick-up artist trainer. He was detained on fraud and obscenity charges. Source […]


Are Black Women Fun?

“Did you sleep on the wrong side? I’m catching a bad vibe And it’s contagious, What’s the latest? Speak your heart, Don’t bite your tongue Don’t get it twisted, Don’t misuse it What’s your problem? […] The post Are Black Women Fun? appeared first on Negromanosphere. Source link