She’ll Have The Salad

“When I wake up in the afternoon Which it pleases me to do Don’t nobody bring me no bad news ‘Cause I wake up already negative And I’ve wired up my fuse So don’t nobody […] The post She’ll Have The Salad appeared first on Negromanosphere. Source link

The Red Pill

Sunday Firesides: Live Life Drunk

There is evidence for the production of alcohol which dates back more than 11,000 years. Humans invented booze before they invented metal, agriculture, or the wheel. This speaks to a fact that has been true from antiquity right up until the present: life is hard. So much so, that we have ever had a desperate […]

The Matrix

The Oppression of Suppression

Commenter Mik left the following on my last post: “Normally your blog address autocompletes or shows up in the first few results. But this week you have been hidden to the 2nd page of search results with no autocomplete. Gaagle censors hard at work…”  Long time reader and most favored commenter of all time, Anonymous, […]