The Younger Transgender Case

Are you familiar with the history of medical ethics? If so, you’re probably well aware of the numerous cases of flagrant atrocities and misguided idiocy that have occurred over the decades. Eugenics, Lysenkoism, and more—there’s certainly no shortage of abuses of power in a medicinal context.

For some strange reason, this all came rushing back to me when I read about the Younger case that came out of Texas a week or two ago. If you don’t know the details…to makea very long story short, the former Mr. and Mrs. Younger from Texas are fighting over not only the custody of their 7 year old son James, but whether or not the father has any right to prevent his son from being given estrogen and transitioning into a little girl named Luna Younger.

You already know, if you read my website, that the current transgender flapdoodle can be traced directly back to one man: Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins, and the horrific experimentation/child abuse that he performed on the Reimer Twins. Experiments that were in his mind truly for the greater good.

Similarly, I’m quite sure that Lysenko and Galton and Harlow
and all the others who used modern medicine to torture unwitting subjects were
convinced they were achieving great things and working for the greater good.

And, of course, I’m sure that the former Mrs. Younger feels that she’s achieving the greater good in forcibly submitting her 7 year old son to hormone replacement therapy. And why, might I ask, is she doing this? Did she walk in and see her son trying on one of her dresses? Did her son., y’know, express explicit interest in being a little girl? No, from what I’ve gathered….her son did the massively gender-upheaving transgression of…watching and enjoying the film Frozen. Yes, you heard that right people, a small child watched and enjoyed a Disney cartoon, so therefore cut off his nuts!

As you can probably imagine, I’m 100% siding with the father
here who refuses to let his son go through this. It is now that I want to make
something very clear (or I should say I want to once again make this clear, as I
have already done so): I have nothing against transgender people—it’s your
body, do whatever you want to it. But therein lies the rub: YOUR body. The only
person who can make that informed decision is the individual in question. Not
the parents, not the bluechecks, only the kid. And I wouLdn’t even want the kid
making that decision at his age—think back to when you were 7 years old. Were
you at all capable of making a decision like this? Hell, I probably would have
spotwelded wheels and guns to my body to turn myself into a Transformer at that
age–but of course THAT is not an elective surgery…yet.

I think it’s the most commonsensical of decisions to make it
so only a legal adult could decide to get gender reassignment surgery—and
hell, aren’t the libs always the ones yapping on about INFORMED CONSENT and the
like? If you need to be of a legal age to have sex, drink alcohol, buy
cigarettes, or vote, why can underage children suddenly decide to do massive
lifechanging surgeries? Again, I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume
that the people pushin for this are just that uniquely American species of
busybody dogooder who want to allow people to BE WHO THEY ARE MAN, rather than
assume that this whole thing is spearheaded by incredibly wealthy perverts who
want a neverending herd of sexually ambiguous (yet hypersexualized) children to
prey upon: to paraphrase Hanlon’s Razor, never attribute to malice that which
can be explained by the actions of well meaning schoolmarms.

Just like all of the medical malpractice I alluded to in the
beginning was also done by well meaning scolds and schoolmarms. And just as we
today look back and “tsk tsk” at the stupidity of our forebears for
believing in eugenics and the like, will our children look back and shame us
for allowing other youths to get transgender surgery without having a full
understanding of what sex even is? I’d be willing to bet on it.

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