The Red Pill

Podcast #560: The Magic of Walking

Walking. It can seem, well, rather pedestrian.  But my guest today makes the case that walking can act as a gateway to explore memory, meaning, and what it means to be human. His name is Erling Kagge, he’s an adventurer and philosopher, and we had him on the show last year to discuss his book Silence (that’s episode 433). […]

The Alpha Game

Text situation

So question dudes, now to keep it simple and stupid, here are the facts: I asked her out two weeks ago in person (kinda), for a date last week, but she didn’t say yes or no at that point. She said she had y, but then I said "we’ll keep in touch." Several days pass […]

The Alpha Game

Can't resist a good kvetch… "Dad bod"

So in the Being Muscular thread, the topic of what constitutes a "Dad bod" came up. Without implying any criticism of the original poster of this link, here’s Hollywood’s notion of "Dad bod": The problem with Dad bod is that it means something different to everyone, and is often a relative term. The vast […]

The Alpha Game

Loyalty vs Spinning plates

So, i now understand that spinning plates is important from various aspects. It helps you not sulk if one of the girls leaves you and it helps ypu vet for potential mates. But what i want to know, especially from ones who are spinning plates, isnt this a type of cheating on your partner. I […]

The Alpha Game

Being muscular

I’ve put on about 10-15 lbs lately. Im still lean, nothing crazy. Probably like 12% bodyfat idk I just know I still look athletic and my abs show. 195 lbs, 6’1”. And the ladies, at least the two I’m seeing right now, love it. I’ve gotten comments in the past like "this is a great […]