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Go Forth: The Audio Book

The audio version of Go Forth is now available!


I can tell you from listening to it myself and observing other people listen that it is hilarious. There is a lot of raw, brutally honest–some say ‘crass’–language about women and sex, and to hear it read in a proper English accent by Jack Napier is great comedy.

I released the first version of the book in October, 2014, and the responses that poured in from readers proved that the storytelling style of Go Forth was something which was much needed.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a story, so this was absolutely refreshing. I forgot how powerful a good story can be. It was like Hank Moody does Mexico, wandering aimlessly but with focus, totally unassuming, stumbling into drugs and debauchery, I fucking loved it.

Its a story of an awakening–a spiritual, sexual, artistic, expressive awakening–told from the point of view of a man (me) who is unashamed of his masculinity and hears his inner voice with clarity.

Masculine men LOVE Go Forth, and so do feminine women–both understand and appreciate the power of controlled aggression and sexual energy.

I’ve also had lots and lots of hate come from the usual suspects (feminists and soft males), claiming that the book is ‘toxic’, and nothing but a recounting of dirty sexual escapades.

Over the years I’ve also come to notice a general pattern among the critics of my writing:

Our feminized society absolutely hates to see a man who has control over his dating/sex life.

They can’t stand it because deep down all the ‘strong, independent’ women know that the only control they have over a self-aware man is their sexuality, and when that gets taken away, they are left with nothing but their own bitterness.

The males who haven’t realized how to take the lead in the dance of seduction are left begging for scraps thrown at them by the women they so desperately want and stew in their confusion.

Go Forth is about what happens when you take all the knowledge you have about travel, women, sex, psychology, observation, life–and turn it into action. There are disappointments and things I’m not proud of, but nothing is hidden, its all out there for everyone to experience for themselves and laugh along with.


Check out the easily downloadable audiobook of Go Forth by clicking the buttons on this page and enjoy listening to a piece of work I am very proud of.

I’ve noticed a pattern of micro-moments of clarity when reading Goldmund’s posts online, his blog, and now, Go Forth.

You have to take in all this new information…it grounds you into rubble as the redpill slides down your throat…much of your former self is eroded, then you rebuild to your own, perfect specifications.

Goldmund’s adventurous outlook and genuine connection with the world around him – people, creatures, nature – has given me a bit of new life and released a pent-up perspective that was there all along…Go Forth is highly recommended.


For the ebook version of Go Forth click here.

For the paperback version on Amazon go here.

*in the summer of 2016, I returned to Oaxaca (where most of Go Forth takes place), and held a reading of the book in the art studio I had stayed in. Most of the reading was done in Spanish and the audience was rolling with laughter at my descriptions of going out to meet local Mexican women–that reading was a highlight of my year.

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