Mark Bailey’s Life’s Fight (Kung Fail)

Another MMA fraud, this time we’re looking at Mark Bailey of Lawrenceville, Georgia. An archetypal pudgy middle aged loser with delusions of grandeur, he still manages to be a bit above the rest of the Walter Mitty pack by virtue of having won a (-n extremely low quality) MMA match.

Today’s fraud isn’t quite as much of an embarrassment as
Scotty Blevins—in fact, he’s actually won a fight…allegedly. More on that
later. And he’s on the complete opposite end of the weight spectrum, but they
share a proclivity for bad martial arts skills, brazen lies about their
history, and…just looking like complete shit:

Mark Bailey, of Lawrenceville Georgia, I’m sorry, DOCTOR
Mark Bailey. What is his doctorate in? More on that later. He runs World Sambo
Jiujitsu in Lawrenceville. And BY THE WAY…1956 Duluth Highway, Suite 112,

Ahem, anyway, let’s check out their website.

Not pictured is Dr. Mark Bailey, who despite holding more
world champions than fucking Ric Flair has the physique of an Applebee’s
manager. Now, now, good physiques don’t necessarily make good fighters, look at
Roy Nelson. I’m sure he has some legit credentials.

Indeed he does, according to his MYSPACE PAGE, which I can’t even view, Mark has 550 victories in grappling competitions. But more impressive than that is what he details in his 72 page biography, “My Life’s Fight”. Which I have not read because I’m not paying 20 dollars for that shite, but I got a summary.

So yeah as far as I can tell Mark Bailey is just a pudgy
middle aged man with delusions of grandeur.

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