Trash People Make Lots of Trash

Allow me to tell you a story about my college years: My
sophomore year of college was…a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, getting
into great shape and losing my virginity—good show! On the other hand…it was
the last time I ever got into a legitimate fist fight with anybody (and just
barely avoided getting taken to court over it), and then there was my roommate.

My roommate, who will remain nameless, was quite simply the
most unclean person I’ve ever met. Granted, I do find that I am cleaner and
more neat than most men out there, but I think anybody would find this sack of
shit to be completely uncouth: how else would you describe somebody who threw
all of their garbage on the floor (the shared floor, let me remind you),
with the rationalization that he would “just throw it all out at the end of the
year”? And only me screaming at him to clean up his shit made him do it once a
month?  Or a person who would walk into
the room late at night, turn on the light when I was sleeping, and proceed to
loudly start jacking off? Because this shitbag did all of this and more!

(And yet, somehow, I didn’t get into a fist fight with this
guy, but another person).

It was here that I realized something, something which I and
everybody else was told as a child, but it never really sunk in until I was
faced with it first hand: cleanliness is next to godliness, and
uncleanliness is next to being a worthless human being. And rest assured, this
guy was an asshole in addition to being dirty—the kind of guy who, when I
woke up from him turning the room light on at 2 in the morning, would respond
to my protests that I was trying to sleep with a dull-eyed “…Okay?”

I’m not a fan of Jordan Peterson, but he’s not wrong when he
tells you to “clean your room”—it’s as good a starting point as anything
else, and like many things in life it perhaps works best as a form of “negative
feedback”: which is to say that if you find somebody who doesn’t clean
their room, they’re usually not worth your time and energy.

Vaguely similar to my age-old statements about people who buy plastic crap, people who make huge piles of plastic crap, who throw shit about brazenly and can’t spend a few minutes cleaning up, are trash people, and are not worthy of your time. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb here: anybody who throws garbage around wantonly (or for that matter makes a lot of noise and commotion, which this dickhead also did) is a low class person, and again is not worthy of your time. I don’t care if that makes me sound like a snob.

In fact, if anybody here wants a “red pill/dark
enlightenment/whatever” reason for why we should keep the environment clean,
this is it: because trash people throw trash around, and philosopher kings like
ourselves keep clean.

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