The Alpha Game

The Lion


My shot at the characters:

The producer in the middle: Delta.

He’s the normal guy, trying to make everyone happy and do his job, not rocking the boat too much. Guys like this are good employees but not great bosses.

Vince the voiceover pro: Alpha/Sigma.

He works for himself but is here to get the job done. His irritation at the situation is obvious – the producer should be running more interference on his behalf, instead of trying to please everyone.

On the topic of Deltas, I once had a boss who was always agitated in his position of authority. He’d talk down to the employees beneath him while kissing up to the higher bosses above him. Meanwhile, his wife ran his life outside the office. He was scared of her and pedestalized her at the same time.

One of the main points of dissatisfaction his inferiors in the office expressed was that he didn’t represent us well to the higher-ups. He’d deride us in front of the big guys in a half-teasing and uncomfortable way with entirely too much bluster, then when we caught him alone, he’d always explain how tough it was to press for raises on our behalf, etc., and that we all had to make do. He seemed to fear asking for anything from the higher-ups and when he was later promoted to a higher position (he was quite competent at his own work), he failed and ended up elsewhere. He would play at being a big shot but couldn’t fill the shoes so he was perpetually uncomfortable. Outside the office, though, he was a decent guy. Just not a good leader.

I’d venture to say that a true Alpha is usually better at watching out for his people. He will smack down insubordination, etc., but loyalty is often rewarded. He needs a team to lead and enjoys it.

A Delta simply isn’t sure of himself enough to work well in a management role.

Oh, and the audio engineer?

Whatever his rank, he’s obviously a guitarist suffering through this crummy job until his record contract goes through.

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