7 Things I Learned About Serbian Women

Towards the end of 2018, after a continuous two-year stint in Poland, I spent nearly three months in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. I went to Serbia not necessarily because I heard it was amazing, but to reduce the regret I may feel later for not visiting a country that I heard has traditional women. Here are seven observations I made about Serbian women during my time there…

1. Serbian women are attractive

Serbian girls are mostly thin with handsome, olive-shaped faces. While you will not be wowed by most Serbian girls, you will also not be disappointed. Their bodies are lacking in curves and take on more of a swimmer’s shape of strong shoulders and narrow waist. Men who like butts will not at all be happy with their flat rear-ends. In spite of that flaw, their appearance is pleasant, and thanks to their higher levels of melanin, they age quite well. It was rare to see a 50-year-old Serbian woman in the shape of a rectangular box like you consistently see in Poland and Ukraine.

2. They possess average femininity

They are far less feminine than Ukrainian girls and slightly less feminine than Polish girls. Serbian girls have a sporty personality—they enjoy physical activity, comfortable clothing, and gym wear. Yoga pants and tennis shoes are so common that many Serbian girls appear to be eternally on the way to the gym. Such a constant sporty style in Ukraine would mean the girl is a lesbian, but in Serbia it’s the norm.

Many Western men told me that Serbian girls are feminine, but I did not strongly perceive that, though they are far more feminine than American girls. Serbian girls are not vulgar, and are rather pleasant, but my particular masculine essence did not feel drawn to them. The most feminine girl I met during my stay was actually Ukrainian.

3. They smoke a lot of cigarettes

Around 50% of Serbian women smoke, which is enabled by permissive indoor-smoking laws. I can’t think of a habit that is more odorous than smoking, so this did discourage me from seeing Serbian women as long-term potential.

4. They are initially very curious about foreigners

Most girls were eager to talk to me. They seemed genuinely excited that I was an American and would give me wide-eyed looks that suggested strong emotional attraction, but that fell apart when things moved to the phone because Serbian girls pick their men based on logic instead of emotion. They evaluate you based on dozens of factors that have little to do with their excited initial response.

One possible solution to this problem for a fornicator is to go for the one-night stand, but that’s impractical in most cases because nightlife is structured around social groups camped out near isolated tables. Besides, if I wanted one-night stands, I would have stayed in Poland. I had hoped Serbia would give me something deeper when it came to relationships, but I realized it would take too much time, and I’m too burned-out from women to have the patience.

There are two options that foreign men have: go to Belgrade for the sluttiest Serbian girls, who are completely Westernized and are passed around among foreign men, or stick around for many months and be selected in a logical manner by a nice girl who wants you to be her boyfriend because of the value you have outside of your game or look.

5. They are very schizophrenic when it comes to intimacy

One minute, a Serbian girl can be the most passionate in the world, biting your tongue off and thrusting her hip into you. The next minute, she goes completely cold and wants to leave. When it comes to sex, a Serbian girl’s mind needs far more time to want it than her body. She needs to know—and not just feel—that you are a good choice for intimacy, but this takes time, which means you will encounter more resistance to casual sex than elsewhere.

If I was still fornicating, this would be frustrating, and I would attack Serbian women with all manner of insults, but I was pleased that there are women in the world who respected their body and put a strong barrier to sex. That said, you will still find many women in the clubs who don’t mind fornication, especially with a foreign man who won’t expose her as a slut to the local community.

6. They don’t care about money

Compared to an average Serbian man, I am considered “wealthy” just for being from America. I don’t mind a girl who sees that as a positive, but Serbian girls do not care that you have a nice apartment in the middle of town or that you can buy as many coffees and chocolate croissants as you want. In fact, a “rich” foreigner is lower on their scale than an average Serbian man. They are simply not drawn to money, and I really wish they were because it would have made my life a lot easier.

Consider the situation with Ukrainian girls, who analyze every fiber of your outfit and the square footage of your apartment to calculate your long-term potential. In this respect, Serbian girls are similar to Polish girls by offering to pay on dates with no seeming interest in your wallet. If you think you’re going to Serbia to show off your wealth and get the best girls, you are sorely mistaken. They value your social status far more.

7. They prefer Serbian men

Serbian women want a handsome Serbian man to take home to mom and dad and show off to their friends. Dating a foreign man who is disconnected from their culture is actually a display of no value or lower value for the other girls in her social group. Therefore, if you encounter a Serbian girl who doesn’t like Serbian men, something is very wrong with her. She rejects her country, her traditions, her homeland, her men, and probably her Orthodox Christian faith, meaning she is almost certainly a slut who you will bang quickly.

In Poland and Ukraine, it’s exceedingly common for women to complain about their men before banging you, but in Serbia I heard so few complaints that I couldn’t help but conclude that they saw me as having far less value than an average Serbian man. The one foreign man I know who did the best in Serbia not so coincidentally has Serbian ancestry.


Serbia is one of the most traditional countries I’ve been to, with strong family bonds and no cultural promotion of homosexuality. It may be the healthiest place I’ve stepped foot in when it comes to having a family, but connecting with women takes time. While they do loosen up at night, your best bet on a short trip if you want to fornicate is to find a slut and have fun with her, but that cancels out the positive traditional aspect you may want to experience like with me. The only solution I see is to stay for a while and develop genuine social bonds with the locals, because the best way to meet a “good” Serbian girl is to get introduced to her instead of picking her up, especially one in her early 20s who is not in any race to get married.

If I wanted to do things properly in Serbia, and get the best I could based on my far more limited energy compared to my youth, I would have to commit to living there for 6-12 months, make a lot of friends, and essentially “become” Serbian. Otherwise, I’d only get the sluts, which are far more readily available in other Eastern European countries.

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