The Alpha Game

SJWs claim a scalp

 Someone should have read a certain book:

“On Thursday, Papa John’s announced that founder John Schnatter would step down as CEO. 

Schnatter will be replaced by the company’s current president Steve Ritchie. 

Schnatter sparked controversy in November when he slammed NFL leadership over the ongoing national anthem protests. 

“Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership,” CEO John Schnatter said in a call with investors. 

The CEO’s statements quickly inspired backlash on the left and support on the right. The white supremacist website The Daily Stormer even posted an article asking whether Papa John’s was the “official pizza of the alt right,” forcing the company to say it does not want “hate groups” buying the chain’s pizza. 

Schnatter owns roughly 25% of Papa John’s, and will stay on as chairman after stepping down as CEO in January. According to a press release from the company, he will “pursue his personal passion for entrepreneurship, leadership development and education.” (rest of story here)

From what I’ve heard, Schnatter always struck me as a decent guy. He’s also an Alpha, as you can see in this short feature:

He takes care of his people and they enjoy working for him. Notice his walk and his confidence. In interviews, he fills the chair, legs apart. The body language is dominant, even if he’s soft-spoken.

He’s also not a jackass, as people often assume Alphas to be. He’s the kind of leader people like to follow.

Schnatter should have pulled a Trump or a Moore and hit back, but an SJW swarm is a nasty thing even for a confident guy. He may also have a touch of pathological altruism which blinded him to the reality of his attacker’s pettiness. This is an unfortunate loss for American entrepreneurship and a win for the SJW hivemind.

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